5 must-haves for winter… There are so many let me tell you. I am not even the first one to write something like this. I would probably be someone in between 10000099 and 10000200 bloggers having the same idea right now, but it is all in your and my benefit if I may say so, as I am learning too 😉 Each week there will be 5 new ideas of what your next shopping list could/should contain. So save up your money, and lets go shopping! (For inspiration, click on the pictures to get to the desired items!) 

These 5 MUST-HAVES are just a few of a series I would like to start every Sunday. Since I personally am also a big fan of blogs around the world, I too like to find new brands and pieces to combine them in the latest trends. However, these are not trends. Let me start by telling you MY personal 5 Must-Haves for Winter 2017. Keep in mind, this is my shopping list as I want to purchase these as well! You see, we can work together!

The Double Breasted Coat

The double breasted coat, is a military inspired statement piece allowing for some extra style on your everyday hurdles. I wanted to enlighten you on the significant features of this significant style of outerwear. Is it a coat? Yes! Can it be worn with a suit/blaze? Most certainly! How is it with casual t-shirts and jeans? Hell Yes! It is versatile looks the part and has an impeccable fit when bought correctly. Personally, a coat is a must for the winter months if you want a single breasted coat or a double is up to you, just get one! When you are at the office there is nothing worse, than running around in a suit and a too short winter coat. If you are concerned about being too cold, let me ensure you that a coat will keep you warm as well. Add a nice thick scarf and some gloves and you are not only fighting the cold but look good doing so. Not a bad investment, let me tell you!










The Hat

Hats have become more and more featured on international runways and applied to many outfit choices provided by fashion bloggers. The “hip” society of our generation is more and more keen on purchasing wide brim hats as a statement hats. So why should you? Simple, the look absolutely f**** awesome. Depending what kind of a impression you want to make you can either dress it down or even dress it up and use it as an essential, like for battering the rain. Plentiful materials are being used in order to give your hat, cheap or costly a perfect reason to wear. I for one, own one but who said that one is enough?! Get a hat in a plain color. Highly demanded right now is the color camel (light brown)it can add the finishing touch to your daily outfit. Choose a functional hat, made out of rabbit fur in order to batter the rain and look stylish whilst doing it. You have to be confident, as not many wear hats these days especially combined in a “formal” outfit. However, our counter parts do it and they look fantastic in them. We should consider following their lead.  The choice is yours… Just get one!



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The Ankle Boot

I have missed the proper purchase of a robust boot that allows for comfort and protection from the rain. Choose a boot you can wear often, with a rubber sole for example. This might make the book look more robust, but trust me you will be grateful for that option when it is raining and keep your beloved double monks and precious Oxfords dry a little while longer. A boot in black or brown would be a go-to choice for me. Not to snazzy and yet you have lots of combination options. Many brands, apply the boot into their mannequin game drawing the eyes of the window-shopper to these statement pieces. If you are sceptic, check out the options below to get a feel for what you are in for.






Woodcutter Shirts

Yes, they look exactly like what you are picturing right now. An American, thick beard, broad shoulder, trucker hat and a thick woven wool shirt mowing down the winter wood supply. Perfect against the cold and when it comes to avoiding the extra layer of a jumper. These shirts often come in a tartan pattern and are mega casual. If I find a way to combine something like that in a more formal way, I will let you know (CHALLENGE EXCEPTED!!!) To find a similar interpretation of what I mean so that you don’t stumble over my words, check out my blog post HERE.












No man! Im good, don’t need gloves bro! Dude, aint got no time for dat sh***… You do know these people 😉 I used to be one of them. It refers back to one type of person. The person who doesn’t think it is necessary but are keeping themselves tucked in, in their jackets in order to not loose any of their fingers to the cold. Like I said, been there, and definitely won’t go back. Personally, I see gloves as an extra way of pimping your outfit. They come in any color you prefer and can even be made to order. They are versatile and of course functional. Just if you were wondering, I was not talking about snowboarding gloves, were you plunge your hands into a sack of fur, I am talking about the kind of gloves made out of leather and provide not only style and comfort but also protection. Yes! They do exist… Go for two kinds of gloves. The ones you can wear to anything and everything, say black,brown or blue as they are the ones that will go with most of your clothes in your closet, this is also the case for women. The other pair could be a pattern mix. Go for an alternative color to up your glove game and draw the focus to your hands. A nice color would be a green or a maroon red. Once you have two good pairs, you are sorted for every situation, annnnnnnndddd your hands are warm AF.

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These are the first basic pieces that I would go for in your next shopping trip or even as a nice gift to family and friends (if you are the generous type). Personally, I have so many things on my mind and things that I want (have that all the time…) that I sometimes forget what is necessary. These 5 must-haves are a good reminder to everyone of you and me, what possible purchasing options are, especially if you don’t own them yet. These are long term investments so look for good quality rather than quantity. The better the material the longer they will last.