Good afternoon,

It is Friday, which means getting piss drunk and party all night with friends and start the weekend with a solid hangover… Or you go to bed early, let your girlfriend read you a good night story and wake up at an insane hour on the weekend and go to work! That is my Saturday… But for my troubles I do have Monday’s off so there is a weekend for me yet.

My friends would say I am a “camo fanatic”. I have this funny way whilst going shopping for example, to just pick out everything that has a camo texture. Feeling like a real strategic genius since those items are always available in all sizes. People don’t tend to go out shopping for “hide and seek”… I guess I do.

The pants are my favorite by far. Not only am I ready to make a statement outside but I am also able to hide from unwanted eyes (Just need to find the perfect background). I added another pattern with my current favorite waistcoat by Suitsupply which is actually part of a suit. In order to calm down the outfit, black oxford shoes did the trick with my Belstaff waxed leather jacket. It is now too cold to wear it and already in hibernation. My sunglasses by “Italia Independent” have the same texture of the pants so finished the extra detail on my outfit today.

Once again my good friend Mario took these pictures. Follow him on Facebook to see more of his work.

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Have a good weekend and as always feel free to comment or send me an E-mail.



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