Al Pacino would be so proud wearing the shirt like him in the movie “Scarface”. If we are honest though, I would need a shirt and unbutton it to the bottom, then I would be 1970s material 😅

The sun is giving us all it has here in Munich. 30 something degrees since Monday! I would love it, but I’m working so like yesterday, I had the privilege of leaving work early. Otherwise, hating it 😂 For this type of weather only one fabric is allowed onto my body, Linen. My preference is a linen mix as it doesn’t wrinkle as much and still protects me from unexpected colder days.

The color palette today, simple, blue and beige! The shoes reflect well with the strap of my Thomas Earnshaw watch. Clean design, impeccable finish and a quality you feel around your wrist! A must have piece for every gent looking to make a statement. It’s the ultimate weapon in our favorite color, blue 💪. A moonphase dial for extra sophistication giving it a more luxurious finish in my opinion. Head over to their website and check out their exquisite timepieces for yourself✌️.

The shoes are by Santoni, the shirt and suit are both by Suitsupply and my beloved sunglasses are by Oliver Peoples.

Wish you all a good rest of a week ✌️



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